July / 2020CENERO makes former Thuringian solar factory a multi-tenant building.

For the CURATOR r.e.m. AG, CENERO Energy GmbH has successfully converted a former solar factory in Ichtershausen near Arnstadt (Thuringia) to multi-tenancy. The building, built in 2009/2012 as a production site for solar modules, was previously only designed for one user and was only partially used recently. Due to the original one-user structure and the very individual system design, all media, especially electricity, had to be billed through the landlord.

For the new owner, CENERO developed an energy concept that is aimed at providing each tenant with their own connection without losing the existing economic benefits. The CENERO concept has succeeded in ensuring that users are supplied with low network charges without having to organize and bill for this through the owner.

“The procurement of energy is often difficult to guarantee on large industrial properties that were originally built for only one user, so that we as CENERO often take over the energy supply ourselves and bill the various users. Here we managed to ensure that the individual tenants can be supplied directly by a provider of their choice,” says Gerrit Baumann from CENERO about the implementation of the project.

The CURATOR r.e.m. AG as the property's asset manager acknowledged that the changeover to multi-tenants was also accompanied by independence from local electricity providers, demonstrably increasing the attractiveness of the property to new tenants.

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