Holistic energy concepts - think energy round

Measure, Analyse, Monitor

Design, Plan, Develop

Create, Deliver, Procure

Billing, Managing, Checking

Do you already know that you need the entire package? We refer to our entire range of offers, with which we can act individually and in the sense of your property when creating the concept.

When planning new projects, it is worth integrating them in the early phase of the project so that we can also respond to energy concepts architecturally . In the case of existing projects, we always start with an inventory, which results in a system and consumption register as the basis for our further strategic advice. Planning and implementation are based on the jointly developed goals.

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Gerrit Baumann
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As energy strategists, we think through every aspect when considering your property, areas or quarters

generate deliver procure planning develop conceive analyze monitors measure manage check accounting Short-term monitoring Measurement- concepts Measuring point operation Real-time consumption recording Calculation of purchase prices Determination of production costs Energy efficiency advice Consulting economic, technical advice Holistic energy concepts Profit- ability calculation Energy tender Project development Mains operation Contracting Distribution networks warmth Compressed air Electricity- gas- delivery cold District supply CHP E-mobility Project coordi- nation Service charge settlement Fee check Billing of energy supply Energy data mana- gement Substitute value calculation Tenant electricity Facility- management Network management

Measure, analyze, monitor - we are your energy monitor.

Correct data are the basis for the perfect strategy. And for exact billing. In the case of newly developed neighborhoods in existing buildings, it is often unclear where and for which unit measurements are taken. We also help with mobile measurements in clearly defined periods.

Design, plan, develop - we are your energy strategist.

Especially in the existing areas and quarters need a holistic view in order to keep energy supply efficient and economical. Even when we advise on individual topics, we always look at the big picture. And above all to your individual goal.

Generate, deliver, procure - we are your energy provider.

As an energy supply company within the meaning of Section 3 No. 18 EnWG, you will receive from us the energy required for your area or district. Just as it is strategically best for you: electricity, gas, heating, cooling, compressed air delivered or generated on site. With mains operation.

Billing, managing, checking - we are your energy manager.

If everything is set up, the monthly support remains. We relieve you of the effort and manage the billing from tenant electricity to mobility use. We support you with individual, transparent models up to tenant apps and make costs understandable.