Profitability calculationIs it worth investing in more efficient energy systems? With a comprehensive profitability calculation, we jointly assess the opportunities and benefits.

There are two methods for calculating the economic efficiency of energy-related measures - static and dynamic. The static calculation is easy to carry out, but also only allows a rough estimate of the economic efficiency or the risk. Dynamic methods produce much more accurate forecasts. They involve more effort, but are particularly worthwhile for larger investments. 

A truly complete economic efficiency calculation for energy projects also takes into account all expected life cycle costs. In addition to energy and acquisition costs as well as savings, this also includes costs for maintenance, materials, personnel as well as decommissioning and disposal. Companies participating in COemissions trading should also include COavoidance costs. After all, greater energy efficiency can lead to lower emissions and savings on emission certificates.

Would you like to make the energy systems fit for the future? We support you in calculating the economic efficiency.


Gordon Burmeister
Commercial Manager

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