Your all-round energy strategist for industrial sites and commercial properties.

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Measure, analyse, monitor - we are your energy monitor.

Accurate data is the foundation of a perfect strategy and enables precise billing. In the case of newly developed neighborhoods within existing buildings, it is often unclear where and for which unit measurements are taken. We also assist with mobile measurements in clearly defined time intervals.

Design, plan, develop - we are your energy strategist.

In order for energy supply to remain efficient and economical, it is important to have a holistic approach. This is particularly true for existing buildings and districts. Although we may consult on an individual level, we always look at the bigger picture in order to successfully resolve your specific concerns. 

Generate, supply, source- we are your energy provider.

As an energy supply company in accordance with Section 3 No. 18 of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG), we provide you with the energy you need for your site or district in a way that is most strategically advantageous for you. Electricity, gas, heating, cooling, compressed air etc. can all be supplied or generated on site. We also manage your grid operations.

Billing, managing, reviewing - we are your energy manager.

Once everything is set up and operational, we still provide monthly support. We handle everything from tenant electricity billing to mobility use for you. We support you with individual, transparent models including tenant apps and make costs transparent.


The focus is on real estate – Energy consciousness, energy orientated solutions:

We deliver what you need. As an independent energy strategist specialising in network operations, contracting and electricity/gas supply, we use our real estate expertise to ensure a sustainable energy supply. With transparent processes, we find the answers to the current energy concerns.

How we think, plan and act:

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and Seminars

We offer various ways to inform you about energy related topics. Our seminars are open to your entire department or team.

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Short-term monitoring
and analysis

With various monitoring possibilities, we can quickly measure the data specifically relating to your issue and prepare a calculated cost assessment.

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consulting packages

The advice you receive is tailored to your specific concerns. The individual outcome always includes a solution-oriented proposal for taking action.

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energy concept

Already know that you want us to assess the entire site from an economic, technical and legal perspective? One call is all it takes.

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We are always available to analyse your concerns and plan the corresponding steps.


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Project Manager


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Managing Director