References - How and where we make energy economically viable in accordance with the demand

referenzbusiness parks

AEG Nürnberg

An urban district on the former AEG factory site in Nürnberg. Logistic companies, art studios, exhibition rooms, offices, workshops, law firms and retail spaces are all located on site, with an area of approximately 160,000m².
referenzretail properties

Mädlerpassage Leipzig

Mädlerpassage - a magnificent shopping arcade in the center of Leipzig. Retail and office space are spread over several floors.
referenzindustrial areas

Spinnerei Leipzig

The former industrial area has established itself as a home for artists and commercial enterprises. The Spinnerei is world renowned, especially amongst the art communities.
referenzbusiness parks

Technologypark H130 in Böblingen

An office park in Herrenberger Straße in Böblingen's Hulb industrial area. The combination of office and commercial space amounts to approximately 60,000m².
referenzshopping centres

Chinon Center Hofheim

A hybrid centre directly in the heart of the old town of Hofheim. Retail, cinema, restaurants and a multi-storey car park with 450 parking bays.
referenzindustrial areas

Wirkbau Chemnitz

A very versatile site in terms of its use. Where textile machines were once manufactured, smaller businesses, start-ups, production companies, workshops and artists have now settled.
referenzretail properties

Neue Mitte Fürth

Fürth's new shopping hub with plenty of retail space and an underground car park. Offices and medical practices can also be found here.

Finding solutions and tackling energy projects the right way- our case studies

Today's energy supplies are constantly presenting us with new challenges and problems.

We explain and demonstrate how we approach these, develop solutions and concepts, and create individual techniques based on various case studies from different areas.

You have a similar project - as energy strategists we would be happy to advise you.

generate supply source plan develop design analyse monitor measure billing managing reviewing Short-term monitoring Meterage- concepts Operating meter points Real-time consumption recording Calculation of purchase prices Determination of production costs Energy efficiency consulting Consulting economic, technical consulting Holistic energy concepts Profit- ability calculation Energy tender Project development Grid operation Contracting Distribution networks heating Compressed air Electricity- gas- supply cooling District supply CHP E-mobility Project coordi- nation Service charge billing Revising fees Billing of energy supply Energy data mana- gement Substitute value calculation Tenant electricity Facility- management Network management

Measure, analyse, monitor - we are your energy monitor.

Accurate data is the foundation of a perfect strategy and enables precise billing. In the case of newly developed neighborhoods within existing buildings, it is often unclear where and for which unit measurements are taken. We also assist with mobile measurements in clearly defined time intervals.

Design, plan, develop - we are your energy strategist.

In order for energy supply to remain efficient and economical, it is important to have a holistic approach. This is particularly true for existing buildings and districts. Although we may consult on an individual level, we always look at the bigger picture in order to successfully resolve your specific concerns. 

Generate, supply, source- we are your energy provider.

As an energy supply company in accordance with Section 3 No. 18 of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG), we provide you with the energy you need for your site or district in a way that is most strategically advantageous for you. Electricity, gas, heating, cooling, compressed air etc. can all be supplied or generated on site. We also manage your grid operations.

Billing, managing, reviewing - we are your energy manager.

Once everything is set up and operational, we still provide monthly support. We handle everything from tenant electricity billing to mobility use for you. We support you with individual, transparent models including tenant apps and make costs transparent.