Energy data managementOperators of closed distribution networks and public utilities are legally obliged to use energy management systems. We take on this task for you.

According to the regulations of the Energy Industry Act, or EnWG for short, it is necessary to collect and process all data from the operation of energy systems. Real-time data management that provides up-to-date data from meters and sensors at all times is important for this. In a further step, energy data management is used to calculate demand forecasts - for example, whether generation from renewable sources such as sun and wind is sufficient.

The current data is compared to an optimisation model - on this basis, specific measures can then be taken to meet the targets. Through the permanent monitoring of energy consumption, it is easy to see if data is incomplete or if consumption deviates from the targets.

We are happy to take over the energy data management for you. We collect and process all consumption data for your billing and communication purposes.


Eileen Seidel
Project Engineer

Billing / Managing / Reviewing