Engagement- As a responsible company, we promote and support open-minded projects.


We sponsored the E in EUROPA at the Kraftwerk Bille site

The EUROPA installation, a project by the architectural firm "morePlatz" (Berlin/Rotterdam) and an initiative by Martin Schnitzer from "Schnitzer &" represents the common values of the European Community.

EUROPA has been shining at Kraftwerkbille Bille since January 2019 and we brought the E to light.

"morePlatz" describe thier project as follows:

“For a long time, this European project was taken for granted as a development that predominantly generated benefits for everyone involved. The succession of severe crisis that have moved the continent for a decade now puts this project in jeopardy for the first time. Brexit could weaken the entire alliance in the long term. Through the events of 2016, which reached a low point with the election in America, a positive sign seemed necessary. Europe lacks visibility, public exposure and diverse resonance. The continuity and consistency of the European idea is existential, especially over this difficult period.

This is the background for a light installation that makes a statement for Europe. The project by "morePlatz" proposes to install EUROPA as a lettering made of 33 fluorescent tubes at various locations.”


We support a youth center in Sierra Leone

Around Christmas in 2017, we participated in a solar installation for a new youth centre in Kenema in Sierra Leone.

The multifunctional youth centre is a project of Fambul Tik e.V. and its partner YAD from Sierra Leone.

The target group are young people from Kenema and the surrounding area,with the goal of minimising unemployment amoung the youth. Currently, most of the young people are children who experienced the civil war in Sierra Leone (1990-2001) first hand and a considerable number of them were child soldiers. The trauma suffered by these children is unimaginable. This makes the task of engaging these teenagers and young adults and organising, educating and supporting them all the more important, in order to prevent the violence in the country from further increasing.

This centre includes a digital library, a computer training centre, an event hall, a cafeteria, various offices and recreational rooms. The energy supply will among other things be generated by an 18 KW solar system.

These photos show the commencement of the construction project in the spring of 2018.