Tenant electricityTenant electricity is a win-win for property owners and tenants - the locally generated electricity lowers the additional costs and opens up an additional source of income for owners.

Since the amendment of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) in 2016, it has been possible to sell the electricity generated in your own property to commercial or private tenants of the property. This electricity is exempt from individual duties and charges, by subsidizing these models. That increases the property value and at the same time it lowers the additional costs - and thus the total rent - of the tenants. At best, enough electricity is generated that tenants do not need any additional electricity from the public grid or with an in-house solar system.

For this, however, a so-called tenant electricity model must be developed that takes into account all legal funding options. In addition, individually adapted measurement concepts and legally compliant billing are required. There are various options: Either a property owner can be the system operator himself or he finances it through a tenant electricity partner who operates and markets the system - the options can also be combined.  

We are happy to support you in the implementation and operation of such an offer.


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