coldRegardless of whether it is an industrial plant or an office building - a seamless and individually tailored supply of cooling from central cooling systems guarantees a high level of energy efficiency.

Already today more than 20% of the cooling demand in Germany is used for the air conditioning of buildings, with a steadily increasing tendency. Above all larger office buildings, museums, theaters or shopping centers often need technologically generated cooling.

It is most efficient to air-condition buildings using so-called passive cooling. This can e.g. B. via shading systems or the intelligently controlled introduction of cold night air. Another possibility is provided by thermally activated component systems, so-called TABS. In this process, pipe systems in floors, walls or ceilings are flowed through with cold water and thus cool the buildings. Another advantage of thermally activated components is their storage effect, so that the peak load for cooling is lower than in conventional systems in times with high outside temperatures. Groundwater aquifers or geothermal energy are mostly used as regenerative heat sources, whereby in combination with a heat pump, the buildings can be both cooled and heated.

Another innovative way to generate cold is the combined heat, power and cold, in which a CHP system (CHP or gas turbine) uses a thermal cooling machine (ad or absorption system) in summer when heating energy is no longer required ) drives. This utilizes CHP systems better and thus increases the efficiency of this technology. If there is a high demand for cold in densely built-up commercial areas, the cold generated can alternatively be transported to the buildings via central cooling networks. With the right design, this often enables further cost savings compared to many small, decentralized refrigeration systems.

In future, refrigeration will also become more important through the use of renewable energies, for example with solar heat.

As part of a refrigeration supply contract, CENERO supplies buildings and systems with refrigeration. Since we act as an independent player on the market, we always select the most sensible system technology for our customers. Our service portfolio supports you from energy conception to project development, planning to complete implementation with construction, financing and the complete plant operation.

We would be happy to advise you in detail on the subject of refrigeration delivery.


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