Compressed airCompressed air is mainly used for tools, cleaning equipment and machines. But it is considered one of the most expensive forms of energy - the more important it is to use it efficiently.

There are numerous reasons that lead to energy losses when operating compressed air generation systems. Leakages are often not recognized, which means that there is a problem Pressure loss and thus increased power consumption quickly occur. In addition, the potential for substitution remains unused.

Thanks to the pressure reduction and better coordination, for example, higher-level controls can save an average of 12 percent energy. Optimized internal controls achieve an average of 15 percent savings by reducing internal control losses.

At best, the respective quality requirements of the application should be met exactly - this is the only way to achieve optimal energy and operating costs. On the other hand, exceeding and falling short lead to higher expenses. The savings potential is considerable. By regularly changing the filter elements within the prescribed intervals, significant savings can be achieved and operating costs can be minimized.

Cenero takes care of the operation of generating plants. We are happy to check that no compressed air escapes and that it can be used without restriction. In addition, we provide information on where you can better use savings potential.

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