Personalised consulting packages - think energy tailor-made

Management advice:

Individual advice on energy organization at decision-making and administrative levels

Technical advice:

Support in long-term technical operations or in acute emergencies, when it is important to get a quick overview of an energy issue.

Ad hoc crisis intervention:

Advice, error analysis and help if you have to react quickly and immediately

Future energy:

Advice on special topics such as e-mobility or the impact of legislation in the energy sector

In our individual consultations, you decide for whom and how intensively we assist you. As an uninvolved third party, we can, for example, check existing contractual relationships in energy supply for you, validate organisational questions in the case of open decisions or in crisis situations react quickly on different levels in interdisciplinary interaction.

Please do not hesitate to ask us, be it for troubleshooting and immediate repair in the event of ancillary costs or an upcoming vision of energy optimisation in the property. As consultants, analysts and technicians, we can help your experts in every specific case.

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We advise you on further packages

Short-term monitoring and analysis

With various monitoring possibilities, we can quickly measure the data specifically relating to your issue and prepare a calculated cost assessment.

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Workshops and Seminars

We offer various ways to inform you about energy related topics. Our seminars are open to your entire department or team.

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Holistic energy concept

Already know that you want us to assess the entire site from an economic, technical and legal perspective? One call is all it takes.

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