Case studyEnergy in business parks as part of neighborhood development


Optimizing commercial parks energetically falls under the theme of neighborhood development. The exciting challenge is usually the mix of manufacturing trade and offices. Production facilities have a completely different energy requirement than pure administrative units. The requirements for a commercial park differ, for example, in higher Electricity and voltage and larger network or generator capacities. A local power supply network is often worthwhile, combined with a heat supply. We can generate exciting synergies here for new development and also in existing buildings.

In commercial parks with different buildings and tenants, we often recognize inefficiencies and energy losses. On the one hand, this can result from an oversized supply, mostly shaped by an industrial history. On the other hand, the management of activities is often not yet fully developed. For example, energy is cooled away at one point and heated up again at another point.

We rethink these circumstances positively and combine heat and cold so that they benefit from each other. If, for example, a data center needs cooling, we divert any waste heat to the adjacent office building.

As holistic energy strategists, we plan in the sense of district development:

- How can cold be produced economically?

- How can we provide access to the individual branches?

- How do the production chains work and what synergies can we use?

- How can the existing communication structure in the local heating network be used?

- How can we improve the management of the individual energetic activities?

- Which lighting can support the energy goals?


Are photovoltaics or geothermal energy worthwhile as a synergistically combined energy supply? In business parks, we examine the opportunities: geothermal energy can generate cold in summer and be used as heat in winter.

Use bonuses:

Through better management of the activities in the business park and improved management, we create savings with which you can finance new concepts such as e-mobility in the business park.


In the mix of classic office and production there is a lot of potential when considering the production chains and requirements of the individual building components of a business park.